5 Reasons To Choose Short Term Rehabilitation For Leg Injuries & Surgeries

A leg injury or surgery can dramatically change your mobility and everyday functions. Before going back to your normal routine, you can help rebuild your flow and muscles by staying at a short term rehabilitation facility. There are many reasons to choose these facilities and each one can help you heal faster. As you browse through different rehab centers, consider the following benefits that comes associated with them.

Single Locations

Instead of leaving your home, going into a vehicle, and having to travel to a doctor's office, all of your rehab can be completed in a single location. Rest is important after a surgery, and traveling a lot for medical services can easily wear your down.

With a leg injury, it may be hard to find transportation, so it's a huge advantage to have everything in a single location. This is especially helpful if your home is a far distance from medical facilities.

Mobility Access

Along with a single location, short term rehab centers are equipped to handle all types of mobility issues. Ramps and larger hallways make it easier to move around. Access to all types of equipment also makes it easy to move without putting strain on an injured leg.

Examples of available equipment includes wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, custom-fitted crutches, or knee scooters. Nurses and other staff members can also provide help with your mobility. This includes getting out of bed or accessing items out of your reach.

Sleeping Help

Your normal bed at home may not be the most ideal location for sleeping with a leg injury. Instead of tossing, turning, or losing sleeping, a rehab center can provide beds that features multiple types of comfort.

  • Lower Beds: Beds that sit lower to the ground make it easier to climb in and out of.
  • Adjustable Beds: Mechanical beds allow you to position your body and legs exactly how you want them for a comfortable night of sleeping.
  • Bed Harnesses: Metal harnesses can be installed over a bed. Straps allow you to pull your self up, lift your leg in the air, and gain more independence.

Accelerated Physical Therapy

Instead of making appointments and traveling to various locations, your short term care can be dedicated to an accelerated physical therapy program. By staying at a facility, you have the ability to complete both guided and independent physical therapy. The amount of work you complete is up to you, but equipment is often available for multiple hours during the day. In some cases, you can have equipment placed right in your room. This allows you to workout and complete goals any time it is needed.

Along with the physical therapy, you can take part in additional therapy like massage therapy or group therapy where you talk and engage with other patients at the rehab center. A nutritional plan can ensure that your diet is helping contribute to the leg rehab as well. A trained nutritionist can set up all of your meals. Staying at the center ensures that you do not have to worry about grocery shopping or cooking. All of these activities will help your rebuild your strength and are great for a little extra motivation.

24 Hour Service

Getting help at home or a day-to-day facility is limited by hours and resources. While staying at a short term facility, you have 24 hour service from trained professionals like doctors and nurses. This type of service is ideal if you have complications from your leg injury, if you are seeking adjustments in pain medications, or if you need help with basic tasks like getting a snack or using the bathroom.

It's a good idea to tour different short term rehab centers to see what type of features can help best with your needs. Many of them feature the five benefits and will help you return to a normal life as soon as possible.

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