4 Tips for Surviving a Pregnancy Without the Support of a Partner

Pregnancy is certainly exciting, but it also brings with it many trials and worries. If you're going through pregnancy alone without a partner to support you, then it's extra important to plan and be sure you know how you're going to face these trials and worries. Here are four tips for surviving a pregnancy on your own.

Find a midwife you can depend on.

When you don't have a partner there to reassure you whenever you become worried about a particular pain or change in your body, you can quickly devolve into a very stressed-out state. And stress is not good for you or your baby! It is vitally important that you find a midwife that you trust and that you have an easy time talking to. This way, you can feel comfortable asking any and all questions you have and getting answers, instead of ruminating over them as you lay in bed at night.

Don't hesitate to visit with several midwives before you choose one to work with throughout your pregnancy. Make sure the midwife you choose answers all of your questions thoroughly, takes their time rather than shooing you out of the office, and has a friendly demeanor. He or she should be easy to reach day or night. Midwives offer various kinds of support throughout pregnancy, and without a partner to offer you emotional support, you really need to know your midwife is someone you can count on.

Ask a girlfriend to accompany you to childbirth classes.

Many single women avoid attending childbirth classes because they're afraid they'll be the only one in the room without a partner sitting beside them. However, skipping childbirth classes means you're missing out on the opportunity to learn more about the birth process—and gaining knowledge is an important step in becoming more comfortable and confident about what your body is about to go through.

Ask a good girlfriend to come with you to childbirth classes. This way, it will feel more like a comfortable, social event, rather than an intimidating obligation. You can let others in the class assume you're a couple, or say outright that she's just a friend—whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Peruse online message boards.

This part of your life can get hard if you don't have a lot of friends who are also going through pregnancy alone. Yet, talking to others who are in the same position that you're in will go a long way towards making you feel more confident and self-assured as you wrestle with the challenges of becoming a single parent. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to connect with people across the globe. Look for some message boards dedicated to women who are going through pregnancy alone, and start posting.

Don't just ask questions—contribute to others' queries when you can. Not only will you gain more support, but you might develop some long-term friendships that you can rely on during pregnancy and as you raise your child.

Stand up for yourself.

Though the world has become more accepting of single parents over the last few decades, there are bound to still be a few critics in your life. Don't let these people get to you. If they talk down to you because you're going through pregnancy alone, stand up for yourself. You're confident that you can be a good parent and provide your child with a good life. Surround yourself with friends who support you as a will-be single mom, and let your relationships with those who don't support you fade into the background. Those who refuse to support you do not deserve your attention, and they certainly have no right to make you feel inferior.

Surviving a pregnancy alone is not always easy, but many women before you have done it. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Women's Healthcare Associates LLC.

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