Professional Care For Your Sick Child At Home: Pediatric Health Care Faqs

If you have a child who is suffering from a serious illness or a chronic disease, finding a health care solution for them can be challenging. Unlike seniors, children do not have as many community and private facilities that offer round-the-clock care. Usually, a parent's only option is to seek for in-home health care to make sure that your child always has access to a health care professional in case his or her condition changes. Furthermore, while your role as a parent is essential to your child's health, doubling as a full-time care giver can push you to the limits, and (if you are married) strain your relationship with your spouse. Professional care helps remove these extra burdens. Here are some answers to common questions you might have about choosing in-home care for your child. 

Is there an age restriction for how young kids can be?

If your child is an infant, you might have reservations about caring for the baby at home. Can a home health service administer care to a newborn or small baby? There are challenges with baby care, as they have rigorous feeding and waking schedules, and it is harder to install an IV or take blood samples. However, some home health agencies do offer neonatal health services and can provide machines like incubators and ventilators. Keeping your baby out of the hospital can help to reduce costs and make feeding (especially breastfeeding) less complicated.

Will your insurance or state funding cover in-home services?

Most of the time, insurance policies and government health care programs do cover some form of pediatric care. Hospitalizations are expensive, and in-home care is less costly and less invasive, which saves the company money. Medicaid covers 77% of all pediatric home care expenses, and other forms of "free" public funding also helps reduce the costs. You will pay very little out of pocket with a combination of state and private insurance coverage. You can face restrictions with the type of care, face a cap for overall cost, or have restrictions on the number of hours, but you can apply for many types of monetary aid. 

Does the home health agency work in tandem with my child's doctor?

Since home health care agencies are usually private companies, you might be worried about conflicting care or messages, or feel like you might need to act as a go-between with your care providers. However, many hospitals and doctors have contracted agencies that work with your child's doctor to relay lab results and administer the proper care and medications. Some hospitals even have social workers who coordinate home care with hospital care, helping you to find a home health agency that works best with your child's care and your insurance needs.

Can I learn to offer some care myself?

Yes. There is no reason why should not be able to at least supplement home care or move to part-time care if your child's condition allows it. Home health agencies and hospitals will offer plenty of information about caring properly for your child so that you don't have to always rely on a health professional 100% of the time. Be sure to attend to your own needs and the needs of your other children with the peace of mind that if you are feeling up to it, you can take a shift at your child's bedside. You will probably need to become certified in first aid, especially CPR, and have a list of symptoms at the ready to make sure you do not miss any warning signs that indicate the need for medical intervention.

Opting for in-home pediatric care can be a great alternative to hospitalization while still removing some of the stress of caring for a sick child. For more information, contact a company like Always Dependable

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