3 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes & Contacts from Eye Makeup

From an infection to a scratched cornea, you may be surprised by all the ways incorrectly applying makeup can seriously damage your eyes. Luckily, with a few simple changes to your makeup routine, it is possible to continue sporting your favorite look without putting your eyes into danger. Here are a few simple tips that can help you protect your eyes from your eye makeup routine:

Keep it Clean

When it comes to correctly applying eye makeup, there is one word you should always keep in mind "clean." Keeping your hands, eye makeup applicators and bathroom clean will help prevent the spread of infection to your eyes. Here are a few tips to help ensure your dirty digits and makeup brushes don't spread bacteria to your eyes:

  • Wash Your Hands Before & After Applying Makeup—Prior to applying or washing off your makeup, always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial hand soap. This is the easiest way to prevent spreading an infection to your eyes. 
  • Wash Your Eye Makeup Applicators—According to Good Housekeeping, you should wash your makeup brushes with warm soapy water every two weeks to prevent the spread of infection. Make sure you rinse off the soap well and allow the brushes to air dry before storing them.
  • Toss Your Eye Makeup After an Eye Infection—If you suffer an eye infection, it is vital to toss all of your eye makeup and thoroughly wash all of your applicators. This will help prevent spread the infection to your eyes again.

Know When to Toss Your Favorite Makeup

Your eye makeup has a shelf life, and even though it might hurt your pocketbook, it is important to avoid know when to toss out every product. Here is a guide to help you know how long to keep your favorite types of eye makeup:

  • Mascara and liquid eye liner—According to The Every Girl, you should only keep your mascara and liquid eye liner anywhere from three to six months.
  • Powdered eye shadow—Because powdered eye shadow doesn't feature as much moisture, you can keep it for two years.
  • Eye pencil—Go ahead and keep your favorite eye pencil for anywhere from one to two years. Keeping your eye pencil nice and sharp will also help avoid damaging your eye. A blunt pencil requires more pressure to apply, which can lead to unnecessary damage.

Application Tips for Contact Wearers

If you wear contacts, you might be wondering if there are any ways you can avoid irritating your eyes or damaging your lenses. Here are a few eye makeup application tips for anyone who wears contacts:

  • Put your contacts in first—After washing your hands, put in your contacts before applying any eye makeup. The lenses will actually protect your eyes from damage.
  • Stick with oil-free products—The oils found in many eye makeup products can leech into your eyes, which can make it difficult to see. Look for products that are labeled "oil-free."
  • Use your eye pencil carefully—Avoid lining the inside of your eye lids. Applying the product to the inner lids can lead to dirty lenses and dry eye.
  • Switch to daily wear lenses—If you wear eye makeup on a daily basis, consider switching to daily wear contact lenses. However, if this isn't feasible, make sure to care for them correctly. Clean off your lenses with a multipurpose cleaning solution every night to ensure no makeup is left behind.

Contact your optometrist or those who specialize in contacts online for further information about taking care of your eyes and contacts. 

From washing your hands before applying eye makeup to making sure you thoroughly rinse off your contact lenses every night, there are several simply ways you can protect your eyes without having to give up your favorite makeup products. 

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