Wet Macular Degeneration and Marksmen: How This Condition Can Ruin Their Career

Marksmen are shooters who use their excellent eyesight and strong aiming skills to perform incredible shooting stunts. Unfortunately, it is possible for these sportsmen to suffer from a disease known as wet macular degeneration. This problem can destroy their career without proper treatment.

The Strong, Dominant Eye

Everyone has a dominant eye, or one that is stronger than the other. For marksmen, a strong dominant eye is one of the most important traits they can possess. It will help them get a bead on their target and know exactly where to shoot. A weakened dominant eye will, therefore, make it harder for them to shoot successfully.

When wet macular degeneration attacks the dominant eye of a marksmen, they run the risk of losing their entire career. But what is this disease, and how can it so severely impact a shooter's eyesight and potentially ruin their ability to enjoy their favorite sport?

The Severity of Wet Macular Degeneration

There are two types of macular degeneration: dry and wet. Wet is the most advanced type and causes 90 percent of all severe vision loss by those who suffer from macular degeneration. What occurs with this disease is simple. The membrane underneath of the retina starts to thicken and can break. Once it breaks, the macula no longer gets a steady oxygen supply and the body grows abnormal blood vessels to compensate.

Unfortunately, these new blood vessels can literally lift the retina away from the eye and devastate a person's vision. Marksmen who suffer from this condition can find their eyesight disappearing quickly and their accuracy going along with it. Thankfully, it is possible to treat this condition and allow those who enjoy shooting to continue with it.

The Treatment Options

When marksmen suffer from wet macular degeneration, there are a few different treatments available. Laser photocoagulation helps by slowing the progress of the disease in the affected eye. It won't return any lost vision, unfortunately, but it can keep further vision loss from occurring. After this treatment, Photodynamic Therapy or PDT is typically utilized. This treatment uses an injection of various drugs to further slow degeneration.

If these treatments are ineffective, anti-VEGF therapy can be undertaken. This treatment includes regular injection of various chemicals into the eye. This helps support the growth of new blood vessels in the eye and keeps macular degeneration from turning into a more severe problem.

For the competitive marksmen, these treatments are a crucial way of protecting their career and staying competitive. Without them, they could lose vision in their dominant eye and end up out of the game forever. If you believe you are suffering from this disease, centers like Macuhealth that offer treatment for macular degeneration can provide more information.

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