3 Tips For Keeping Your Noisy Orthotics Quiet

If your doctor has prescribed orthotics to keep your feet aligned, you may have noticed some squeaking noises when you try to walk in them. If so, use the following tips to keep your noisy orthotics quiet.

Fill Your Shoes With Powder

If your feet tend to sweat a lot, the extra moisture may be making your orthotics slippery. As you walk, they then start to slide a little, making the squeaking noises you hear with each step.

To combat this problem, fill your shoes with either talcum or baby powder. The powder will absorb the moisture and keep your feet and orthotics dry. When filling your shoes, cover the bottoms of your shoes, then shake out the excess.

Apply Small Strips Of Duct Tape Around The Edges

Another reason your orthotics may be noisy is that the edges are hitting the sides of your shoes. Not only can this make them squeak, but the friction could start wearing down your orthotics, making them slip even more and become noisier.

To keep the edges of your orthotics from making noises and breaking down, take thin strips of duct tape and apply them around the edges. Every few weeks, check the tape to make sure it still adheres to the material, and replace any tape that has become worn.

Give The Orthotics Some Grip With A Dryer Sheet

If your orthotics slip even a little bit inside your shoes, this can cause them to make noises. To keep them from sliding, you can give them some grip by lining your shoes with dryer sheets before you place the appliances on top. The sheets have a filmy layer that adheres to both the orthotics and shoes, as well as adds traction with their rough surface.

To line your shoes, place the orthotics on two dryer sheets, one for each sheet, then trace an outline. Cut along the outline, then place the dryer sheet in the respective shoe. Then, replace the orthotics in your shoes, and walk around in them.

If they still slide a little, remove the orthotics and sheets, and use the duct tape method described in the previous section to keep them in place.

Using one or more of the tips above should keep your orthotics from making too much noise while you walk. However, if you continue to hear a squeaking sound or have noticed they are slipping with each step, you may need to see your doctor, like Citrus Chiropractic Group, about having them adjusted or remade. 

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