Accessories to Consider When Choosing Your Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Device

If you run your own veterinary clinic, then you may look for ways to provide services to your patients so that pets are as comfortable as possible. This may mean going on house calls on occasion. House calls mean that you need to bring all of your diagnostic tools with you.

While this may not be easy, you should definitely include a portable ultrasound machine in your diagnostic arsenal. These ultrasounds come with a wide variety of accessories you can choose from to make your job easier. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should choose when you find the perfect portable ultrasound for sale. 

Waterproof Cases

Many portable ultrasound machines look a lot like laptops with a small screen that sit on top and flip up. On the bottom or base of the unit sits the controls that allow you to maneuver, zoom, and capture images. On the side of the unit sits a port that allows you to plug in the probe or wand. 

While the unit may look like a laptop, it will cost substantially more than a computer. The basic units start at $30,000 in most cases. Some general use ultrasounds may be as low as $20,000, so you want to be sure that your more expensive portable device is well protected from damage. Purchasing a unit with a waterproof cover. Many of these covers are heavy duty and reinforced with insulating materials to protect the machine from all kinds of damage. This may include protection against things like mud, manure, rain, ice, and general wear and tear. Some devices are even reinforced with titanium or Kevlar. If you are an equine veterinarian or if you specialize in farm animal care, then a reinforced case is your best option.

You also can choose machines that have reinforced LCD screens. Many of these screens can withstand a substantial amount of weight, which some devices that can withstand 500 pounds of pressure or more on the screen. 

While substantial covers and screen can protect your portable ultrasound machine from a variety of accidents and incidents, you want to make sure the unit you buy comes equipped with a warranty. Of course, you also want to insure the unit. The addition of a reinforced case can help to reduce your overall insurance costs. 

Customizable Transducers

If you have a traditional ultrasound machine in your office, then you very likely have some of the common probes like convex, linear, and micro-convex varieties. However, these traditional probes are often used under ideal situations where the animal is secured on an examination table. Many different situations present themselves when you are on call and out of the office, and your traditional transducers may not work well.

When buying your portable ultrasound machine, make sure to invest in transducers that will work in a variety of situations. This should include wireless and Bluetooth enabled devices. These types of transducers use radio signals that are directly programmed into the machine to read the images from the probes that are synched with the device. Wireless transducers come in the same types that your traditional ultrasound machine may have. However, since the wireless ones are more expensive, you should think about buying a single Bluetooth enabled convex or linear transducer based on the tool that you use most often. 

Also, transducers should be considered that have customizable extenders. These extenders lengthen the handle of the transducer so the probe end of the unit can be angled and moved into areas that may not be easy to reach. The extenders are ideal for situations where images need to be created for larger animals like cows and horses.

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