Tips For Body Recomposition

If you are trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, you are likely struggling with the best way to go about this. You know that you need to be at a slight caloric deficit to lose any weight at all. You also know that you need to have a small caloric excess in order to effectively build muscle. Here are some tips for going about body recomposition so that you get lasting results with regards to both weight loss and muscle gain, leaving your body looking better than ever.

1. Eat at a Deficit on Rest Days and an Excess on Training Days

Isolate your training days from your rest days and follow a different style of eating. First, figure out the number of calories that your body needs to maintain its weight, meaning that it doesn't go up or down. Then, calculate what two to three hundred calories less than that number look like and two to three hundred calories greater than that number look like. On days when you are training, eat the higher number of calories throughout the day. On days when you are resting, eat the lower number of calories. This will help allow you to lose fat without losing any muscle.

2. Increase Your Protein

If you are morbidly obese or overweight, talk to a doctor about the amount of protein that you should be eating. If you are just "skinny fat," meaning that you have a lot of fat but are within a normal weight range, then you should be trying to eat one gram of protein for every one pound that you weigh. This is going to help your weight loss efforts because protein tends to keep you feeling full longer, decreasing the chances that you get so hungry that you eat high calorie, low nutrient foods that are going to hurt your body recomposition efforts. Eating this amount of protein will help keep you from losing muscle on days when you are not training. When you reduce calories on rest days, you will want to reduce the calories that are coming from carbohydrates, not proteins.

3. Have One Free Meal

Once a week, have a free meal where you don't track your macros. This will allow you to go out with friends without having to bring your own food, as well as keep cravings low.

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