Determining When You Are Ready For Another Botox Treatment

If you are interested in having Botox treatments in an attempt to fill in fine lined wrinkles and sagging areas in your face, you are most likely excited about regaining some of the youthful traits your face's appearance projects. Someone new on the Botox scene may be wondering how often treatments should be conducted and what signs to be on the lookout for to help in determining when to call a physician. Here are some tips to consider after you receive a Botox treatment to help you stay on track with subsequent visits.

Be Aware Of Sensations And Keep Track Of Their Progress

As your Botox treatment wears off, you may feel areas of your face twitching slightly. This will not be extremely noticeable and will most likely not be seen by others who are speaking to you. The feeling signifies that the muscles are regaining their moving capabilities, as the Botox had stopped them from stretching temporarily. Make a mental notation when you believe you feel twitching of the face. If you feel this sensation regularly rather than once in a while, give a call to your practitioner to schedule a subsequent injection session.

Do Not Wait Too Long To Call For Another Botox Session

If you noticed the twitching sensation and you fail to follow-up with your doctor, there is a chance the muscles will regain their entire mobility before you are able to get into the office for another injection. This will require the physician to adjust the amount of the injection to a larger dosage. If you call for a follow-up injection as soon as you notice twitching for only a few days, the dosage amount will not need to be as extensive. If muscle control is regained, a Botox treatment may not be as effective.

Check The Appearance Of The Face Regularly

When your Botox treatment starts to wear off, you may notice the areas of your face that were lifted and filled in may reverse back to their original appearance. Taking frontal and side-view photographs of your face a few days after your treatment is a good idea to use for comparison purposes. If you feel the treatment is wearing off, you can take new photographs and see if there is noticeable physical appearance of your skin. If so, give a call to your physician right away to schedule another Botox treatment in the near future.

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