Finding Relief From Your Secondary Glaucoma Symptoms

If your doctor diagnoses you with secondary glaucoma, you might wonder if there's a cure for your condition. Although there are no cures for primary or secondary glaucoma, you can find ways to lessen your symptoms. Here are some facts about secondary glaucoma and what you can do to ease your symptoms.

What's Secondary Glaucoma?

Secondary glaucoma usually develops when you experience some type of trauma, inflammation, or damage to your optic nerve or the tissues that support it. The optic nerve is the message center of your eyes. The nerve ensures that everything you see reaches your brain, including color and light. When fluid builds up inside your eyes or doesn't drain properly, it places pressure on your optic nerves. The pressure gradually damages the optic nerve.

Secondary glaucoma describes several conditions that affect the optic nerve. Some people experience traumatic glaucoma when they receive a strike or puncture to the eye. Other individuals develop secondary glaucoma when they experience inflammation or infection of the uvea, which is the middle layer of the eye. If the uvea becomes inflamed or infected, it can swell up and interfere with the tissues that drain fluids.

Without the appropriate treatment, secondary glaucoma can cause a gradual loss of vision in one or both eyes.

How Do You Treat Secondary Glaucoma?

The treatment for your eye condition usually depends on the type of secondary glaucoma you have. For instance, if you have traumatic glaucoma, an eye doctor may use medications to lower the pressure in your eye. Surgery may be another option available to you. An eye specialist can use surgery to manually drain the fluids out of your eyes, or they can use surgery to repair tissues damaged by the extensive pressure in your eyes.

If an inflammation of the uvea caused your glaucoma, an optometrist or ophthalmologist may use anti-inflammatory medications to treat your condition. If you have an infection in your eyes, you may take antibiotics to treat it. 

You can also take steps to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses whenever you go out into direct sunlight. Your eyes may be extra sensitive to bright light when you have secondary glaucoma. In addition, some treatments may make your eyes sensitive. If you have concerns about protecting your eyes outdoors, consult with an eye doctor immediately. An eye doctor may prescribe sunglasses that help prevent or decrease your sensitivity to light.

To learn more about secondary glaucoma and the possible treatments for it, contact an eye doctor such as the ones at Coastal Eye Care for an appointment.

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