Why You Need A Family Doctor Even Though You Feel Healthy

Your family doctor should be one of the most important professionals in your life. Some of the things to consider when choosing one include whether the physician accepts your insurance, their office hours, accessibility from your home, and how comfortable you are with them. It is also important that you work with a family practitioner who is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine to ensure you are dealing with a professional. Here is why you should embrace family practice even if you and your family feel perfectly healthy.

You Are Aging

It is easy to believe that feeling okay means everything is fine, but aging comes with health challenges your family doctor should be tracking.  As you age, old injuries become bothersome, poor eating habits start to catch up, and your body struggles to fight medical attacks. Having a disciplined relationship with your family doctor is, therefore, critical for diagnosing potential age-related problems for all the members of your household.

Not All Illnesses Have Symptoms

Having a regular checkup and chat with your doctor could reveal health problems that you are not aware of. Diseases such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, and diabetes do not come with early warning signs, and most people have no idea they are suffering until the diseases are at an advanced stage. So regardless of your state of health, you not only need a family doctor, but you need to visit them as often as they recommend.  

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Because family doctors mostly work with patients throughout their lifetime, they largely focus on preventive medicine. They believe prevention is better than cure and a good family doctor will work with your family to promote everyone's overall physical and mental health. They will also offer you education for disease prevention and managing chronic conditions.

You Are A Responsible Family Person

Unlike other doctors who specialize in treating one illness or a particular group of individuals, family practice uniquely covers everyone in your family regardless of age or sex. Besides diagnosing and treating various diseases, your family doctor will also arrange for a regular screening, guidance, and coordination with other doctors should any of you need specialized treatment. Finding a good family doctor is, therefore, a responsible investment for your spouse, children, aging parents or any other family member under your care.

To save on cost, choose a family practitioner that has negotiated exclusive discounts with other hospitals and physicians in your area, commonly known as in-network in insurance language. It will help you pay less out of pocket when you visit other doctors and health care facilities that are part of the network.

If you have more questions, contact the office of a family practice like Choice Medical Group.

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