Severe Flu Symptoms That May Require Urgent Care Treatment

The flu season can be quite tumultuous and difficult to navigate without becoming quite ill. While most people can recover from the illness quite quickly, other individuals will develop severe symptoms. These symptoms sometimes require medical attention. If you want to know when you should seek a professional at a hospital or an urgent care center, keep reading.

Difficulty Breathing

Shortness of breath, chest tightness, trouble breathing, and any other signs of respiratory distress are serious. Respiratory distress is a complication of the flu. Specifically, the flu can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome in both children an adults. This syndrome develops when the alveolar tissues and capillaries within the lungs become severely inflamed. Also, fluid tends to build in the lungs and this prevents the body from taking in as much oxygen as it needs. The result is hypoxemia, or low oxygen levels in the blood.

Acute respiratory distress must be treated quickly to prevent respiratory failure. Treatment involves supplemental oxygen as well as medicines to reduce inflammation and to open up the airways, and the physicians at a hospital or an urgent care center can provide the treatment.

Keep in mind that chest pain is another sign of respiratory distress, but the symptom may be confused with cardiac distress. Regardless of the cause, chest pain is almost always a serious concern and requires the assistance of a medical professional.

Excessive Vomiting

Vomiting is to be expected with the flu. However, excessive or severe vomiting is cause for concern. Severe vomiting occurs when you vomit more than 10 times in a 24 hour period. During this period, you are likely to vomit every time you drink any fluid. When you do vomit, it is likely to come out with a good amount of force and with a large volume. 

If you have a severe vomiting issue, then it is very likely that you are unable to keep any fluids down. This can lead to dehydration fairly quickly. Confusion, dizziness, and fatigue are likely to become severe as well.

Dehydration concerns can and should be treated with IV fluids. Also, if you are having severe flu symptoms, then an antiviral medication can be provided. If the physician at the urgent care center believes that this is not necessary, then an antiemetic can be provided. This medication helps to reduce the urge to vomit and allows you to retain fluids.

If you think that you are having severe flu symptoms, then it is wise to seek out emergency care. An urgent care facility is the right place to speak with a professional.  

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