Use Self-Massage for Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

It's no secret that massage therapy can help you relax and ease tension, both mentally and physically. However, you don't always have time to run to the massage therapist's office. So being able to massage yourself is really useful for relief and relaxation. Here are a few tips and techniques to employ for better self-massage.

1. Invest in a tool, like the Pure Wave.

You can't always reach all of your sore spots on your own. That's where a massage device really comes in handy. The Pure Wave from company Pure Wave Now is a good example. You can use it to reach areas like the middle of your back or the back of your neck. Look for a tool that has multiple settings, so you can get a deeper, more kneading massage or a lighter, more soothing massage based on your preferences that day. 

2. Experiment with go-to points for stress.

You won't always have time to spend 30 minutes fully massaging your own neck and back each time you feel stressed. So experiment with a few different pressure points to find one or two that you can massage for relief when needed. The bridge of your nose, known as your third eye, is a good option. Another is the glow point, which is located just behind your jaw. Rubbing either area in circles for three or four minutes can relax your entire head and neck, leading to intense relief.

3. Use oils.

The feeling of your fingers against bare skin can lead to a little irritation after a while. So, find a massage oil that you love. You don't have to use it every time you rub your third eye, but it can definitely come in handy for those longer massage sessions during which you rub your back or calves. Almond oil has a nice texture and a light scent. You can add a few drops of lavender oil for greater relaxation.

4. Start with light pressure.

If you go in with heavy pressure right away, massage may be painful, which may turn you off to its use in the future. A better approach is to start with only light pressure and slowly build the pressure over time. This approach works whether you're giving yourself a deep calf massage or a light forehead massage.

With the tips above, your self-massage sessions will be more enjoyable and should yield you even better results. 

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