Getting Medical Help for a Crying Baby

Taking care of a newborn baby as a first-time parent can feel overwhelming, especially if he or she cries a lot. Crying is the only way that babies can communicate when they are in need of something, so it is up to the parent to determine what that need is. However, sometimes it is difficult to calm a baby down no matter what is done to satisfy his or her needs, as the root of the problem might require help from a pediatrician. If your baby has been crying more than usual and you don't know what to do, set an appointment with a medical professional as soon as possible in case there is something seriously wrong. Take a look at the remainder of this article to learn what a pediatrician might do to find out why your baby has been crying a lot.

Ask You Important Questions

When you visit a pediatrician to find out what is wrong with your baby, he or she will begin by asking you several important questions. The questions will be related to your baby's medical history, as well as some of the things that go on at home. For instance, you might be asked how often your baby takes naps during the day, as well as if he or she sleeps through the night. You may also be asked how many times your baby is fed throughout the day. The questions will give the pediatrician some direction in regard to diagnosing the problem.

Check Your Baby's Weight

Your baby will be thoroughly examined during his or her appointment. One of the most important aspects of the examination will be for the pediatrician to check your baby's weight. A baby should reach a specific amount of pounds as he or she grows unless there is a condition that is preventing it from happening. If the pediatrician believes that your baby is underweight, he or she might ask about the type of formula he or she drinks. You might be asked to switch formulas, stop breastfeeding, or simply feed your baby more times during the day and night than usual.

Determine If Illness Is the Problem

There is the possibility that your baby has been crying a lot because he or she is ill. For instance, a simple condition such as a cold can make a baby irritable and uncomfortable. There might also be an underlying condition present that doesn't show any visible symptoms. If your baby is ill, medication might be prescribed.

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