The Best Things About Home Care While You Are Receiving Cancer Treatments

Chronic and severe illnesses are the body's way of telling you it is time to slow down, take a break, and take stock in what you have in life. This is not an easy time for most patients with cancer, but when they get over the initial shock and anger, they are able to see it as an opportunity to acknowledge what matters most in their lives. During this time, you can receive home care to help you as you receive your treatments. Before you refuse aid from visiting nurses, consider all of the best things about getting and accepting this help during your illness and recovery. 

You Are No Longer the "One That Does Everything" 

You have to rest, recuperate, and deal with any side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. That means that you are no longer your family's primary "everything." They will need to help each other, rely on each other and themselves, and learn to help you instead. The nurses will be there to help you with all of your ADL's (activities of daily living) and personal care, plus whatever your family needs that you currently not do for them. The nurses are the assistants you always wanted but could never afford or allow yourself to have before. 

The Nurses Will Cook and Do Laundry, Too

Cooking healthy meals are part of your recovery. You need the nutrition to get better, and your family needs to eat healthier, too, so that they do not get sick and present a risk to your health. The visiting nurses will cook healthy meals for the house. They will also do laundry, since you will not have the strength many days to lift and carry several baskets of wet and dry laundry around the house. They will also encourage your family to pitch in by leaving small tasks for your family to do. 

Your Spouse Can Keep Working to Pay Medical Bills While the Nurses Transport You to Appointments

As romantic as it might be to have your spouse with you every moment of this illness, it is usually not financially feasible for most couples. Your spouse can continue to work to pay the medical bills and regular bills while the nurses can stay with you. The nurses will also transport you to appointments and your treatments as needed when your spouse has to work, and your children are not old enough to drive. 

For more information, contact home care services in your area.

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