A Medical Services Clinic Can Handle Many Of Your Family's Urgent And Routine Medical Needs

Your local medical services clinic is a convenient place to get medical care for your family. You can usually drop in on your schedule for routine care such as flu shots and head there when you have a minor injury or illness so you can avoid the wait in a hospital emergency room. When you're busy or have an irregular schedule, getting care at a clinic is often the best choice since they are usually open late. Here are some services your clinic might provide.

Physicals For Work And School

When someone in your family needs a routine physical, you can usually get one at a medical clinic during hours that are convenient for you so you don't need to take your child out of school or take off from work just to go to the doctor. Your child may need a physical to play sports on a school or city team. By having a physical done at a medical clinic, your child is examined by the doctor for signs of possible health problems that would make playing sports unsafe. Even if the physical is not done by your child's pediatrician, the paperwork is accepted by schools and you can feel confident your child is safe to play sports.

Treatment For Fevers And Colds

If you're sick, the last thing you want to do is sit in an emergency room for hours. You can usually get in and out of a medical clinic much quicker. If you have a sick child, they may be too sick and fussy to tolerate a long wait, but you might get quicker care in a medical clinic. Plus, you or your child will get the same quality care you would receive from your family doctor. Some clinics also dispense common medications, so you might go home with the drugs you need without having to stop at a drugstore to fill a prescription.

Care Of Injuries And Cuts

A medical services clinic can also help when you have a minor injury such as a sprained ankle, cut, or burn. If you're hurt on the job, your employer may even send you to a medical clinic rather than wait for you to see your family doctor. A clinic usually has a wide range of supplies on hand to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. They can also run certain lab tests and diagnostic tests such as x-rays. A clinic is often able to provide more comprehensive care than a family doctor's office, so a clinic is a convenient place to seek treatment when you're not sick enough or injured badly enough to go to the emergency room.

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