3 Benefits Of A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

A holistic approach to weight loss is one of the best strategies to lose weight and keep it off. The holistic approach means that weight is more than just a physical issue and addresses other factors that can contribute to weight gain, such as psychological factors.

Mindful Eating

One effective strategy when losing weight is being more mindful of what you eat. Mindful eating is typically accomplished through keeping a detailed food journal. In the beginning, you may not worry about calories, but simply log what you eat and any other information that would be helpful. What you do while you eat and how you feel before and after eating can be important to pinpoint certain causes of unhealthy eating behaviors. After keeping a journal, some people notice they eat certain foods or eat more when they are upset or stressed. They also consume more calories if they are eating away from the dinner table. Any of this information can help you focus more on the amount of food you eat each day because you become more conscientious about your eating behavior.

Reducing Negative Thought Patterns

Negative thought patterns and self-dialogue can easily lead to a viscous cycle of losing and gaining weight. Sometimes these negative thought patterns are a byproduct of experiences during childhood, especially children who may have had parents who were critical about their weight and eating behaviors, or were bullied by other people. These negative thoughts can manifest themselves as thinking you will never lose weight anyway, so you might as well binge. The opposite of this behavior can be extreme dieting for periods of time. It is easier to take a moderate approach to losing weight and avoid the trap of yo-yo dieting when you have a positive mindset. Sometimes working with a counselor or therapist can help you stop demonizing foods or viewing yourself as a bad person because of binging or gaining weight.

Engaging In Physical Activity

Of course, exercise is an important part of losing weight, but exercise has numerous mental and physical benefits. Being more aware of the benefits of physical activity can make it easier to substitute exercise for excessive eating. Many people do yoga or other activities that incorporate meditation because they are helpful to alleviate stress. If you tend to eat more in times of stress, this is an excellent opportunity to have a healthy coping mechanism. Regardless of the type of physical activity, most people find once they start, they usually feel better emotionally. Sometimes convincing yourself to do a few minutes of exercise leads you to do more because the first few minutes are usually the hardest.

For long-term success with losing weight, you need to look at more than food and exercise. Holistic weight loss will help you tackle the other issues that might contribute to weight gain.

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