What To Expect With Bunion Surgery And How To Prevent Bunions

Bunions are a foot issue when your toes are pressed together and pushed into one another, which then causes the bone at the base of the toe to push out. This usually happens with the big toe, but it can happen with your pinky toe as well. When your toes are squished, such as from wearing shoes that don't fit you properly, this can occur. If your bunion is too bad and cannot be treated with other methods, surgery may be necessary. If you have a bunion and have tried other treatment methods, you may need surgery. Read on for what you can expect with bunion surgery.

You'll Be Off Of Your Feet

You're going to need to be off of your feet after your surgery. You are more than likely going to have some sort of assistance to help you get around, such as a wheelchair, scooter, crutches, or a walking boot. Whatever you use, you're going to need to stay off of that foot and allow it to heal properly. Stay off of your foot and follow your doctor's instructions after your surgery. Pushing yourself too far is only going to cause issues with re-injury or opening up your surgical site. If you need help with your day-to-day routine, you need to be sure you have help around the house or help with driving around your children or doing other things that need to be done.

You'll Have To Change Your Footwear

After your surgery, you're going to need to change your footwear. If you're used to wearing high heels, you are going to need to adjust this and wear lower heels instead. Those high heels may be what has caused the bunion in the first place, as your feet are being pressed forward and can lead to bunions or other foot issues. Wear lower heels, and shoes that offer support and comfort to you. You may also need to wear tennis shoes for a while after you can start wearing shoes again to aid in healing your bunion surgery site.

Prevent Bunions

To help prevent bunions in the first place, you need to be sure you are wearing shoes that are supportive, comfortable, and fit your feet properly. Don't wear any shoes that squish your toes, or press them too far forward. You'll also need to be sure the shoes you wear are not too large either. Too much movement in your shoes can also cause issues with bunions and other foot concerns as well.

If you have a bunion and have tried other forms of treatment, but they didn't work, surgery may be necessary to treat your bunion. Talk to a clinic like Ankle & Foot Specialists of Puget Sound about what else to expect with bunion surgery. 

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