Urinary Pain: Why You Should See A Male Urologist Soon

If you experience frequent bouts of pain when you urinate, see a male urologist for care today. You should never experience any type of discomfort or pain when you urinate. However, cancer, infections, and sexually transmitted diseases can cause pain in some men. Below are possible reasons for your pain and how a male urologist can diagnose and treat you for it below.

Why Does It Hurt to Urinate?

If you take good care of your bladder and kidneys during the day, you might not expect to feel any type of pain when you urinate. However, the pain you experience throughout the day may surprise, discourage, and even confuse you. A number of things may cause painful urination, or dysuria, in men, including urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, occur when bacteria or other germs enter and infect your urinary tract system. An infection can develop anywhere in your urinary tract system, including your urethra, bladder, and kidneys. Some UTIs can affect multiple areas of your urinary tract system. 

The symptoms of a UTI can vary from person to person, but most men experience a burning or searing pain when they urinate or engage in sexual activity. If the infection spread to the kidneys, men may experience pain in their sides and lower back. 

Urinary tract infections are just some of the possible causes of your painful urination. Cancer of the prostate gland and testicular cancer may also cause pain in men. The best way to diagnose and treat dysuria is to see a urologist for care. 

How Can a Male Urologist Ease Your Pain?

Before a male urologist confirms your condition, they must examine the condition of your urine first. Urinary tract infections can turn your urine dark, cloudy, or both. Bacteria can also make your urine smell strong or strange. If your urine is dark, cloudy, and odorous, a doctor will treat you for an infection. 

Most urologists use antibiotics to effectively treat UTIs. You may also consume or drink cranberry juice and clear water during your treatment. The beverages will help flush out your urinary tract system during the day. 

If a male urologist doesn't see any type of infection in your urinary tract system, they'll examine your prostate gland and testicles for cancer. A doctor can treat both types of cancer successfully if they find signs of them early on. 

If you need treatment for your painful urination or something else, schedule an appointment with a male urologist today.

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