Things To Expect After Your Colonoscopy

If you have your first colonoscopy scheduled, you might feel a little anxious about going through this procedure for the first time. The medical professional who administers it will explain exactly what they're doing, which may help to alleviate some of your concerns. One thing that people often wonder is how they'll feel after the colonoscopy is complete. Knowing what to expect in the hours that follow this procedure can often make you feel more confident as the appointment approaches. Here are three minor things that you may encounter shortly after you've had a colonoscopy.


As with any medical procedure that involves sedation, it's common to feel slightly drowsy after you've had a colonoscopy. The level of drowsiness will depend on how much you were sedated. It's generally a good idea to schedule your colonoscopy with open time afterward so that you can rest at home and nap as needed. You'll also want to have a family member or friend drive you home from the appointment. They should also sit with you when you get home for safety.


Some people experience minor cramping after having a colonoscopy. Knowing that this is possible should alleviate any concerns you have upon experiencing cramps. It's common for the cramps to be in your lower intestinal area. You may find some temporary relief from changing physical positions. Often, a form of light exercise such as walking — provided that you don't feel too tired for it — can help to get rid of your cramps or lessen their severity.


Don't be surprised if you experience more gas than usual after a colonoscopy. This procedure involves pushing air into your colon, so that air will need to escape your body at some point. You shouldn't hesitate to pass gas when you feel the need. Not only will doing so help you to get rid of any extra air in your body, but you may also feel that a few periods of gas passing will help to alleviate any cramps that you've been having, too. Being gassy is another reason that it's good to plan for some quiet time at home after your procedure, rather than attempting to go back to work or doing something else in public. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about how you'll feel after your colonoscopy when you have your appointment.

Reach out to a gastroenterologist for additional info on colonoscopy procedures.

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